There are different online casino games that you can play to enjoy your time at the online casino. One of the games is the online craps. This is a totally luck dependent game. However, your understanding of the bets can help you to become great at the game. Online craps is a game that is played based on the use of dice. The game also makes use of different officials to run the game. The ius the digital version of the craps that is played at land based casinos among several players. To learn more you can visit

  • Online craps uses dice
  • It can be played among several people

The gameplay of craps is quite very simple. Generally, different players take a turn to play the game. This turn goes in a clockwise direction. This is continued and repeated every time. The idea is that whoever is rolling the dice is called the shooter and the first rill that the shooter makes in a round is called the come-out roll. You are to bet on this come out roll. This is the where the type of bet you chose determines if you win the round or you do not win the round.

The first type of bet that you can place is the pass line bet. This is a bet that you place hoping that the player will roll and get 7 or 11. When you place this bet, and the player rolls and get 7 or 11, you win the round. However, If in a case, the shooter rolls 2,3, or 12, the bet is lost automatically. However, there are some cases where the shooter might not roll any of the 5 numbers that is written. If the shooter comes with another number. That number is set to bet the point of the next round

  1. There are different types of bet and they include
  2. Pass line
  3. Don't pass line
  4. Come bet
  5. Don't come bet

When a point is established, the shooter needs to roll that point for those that bet on the round to win. If the shooter gets a 7 or 11 on this cases, the round is lost. This is the simple rule of the first the bet of the game. However, you can also bet on the don’t pass line. This is the direct opposite of the pass line bet. However, instead of 12 to win the round, it will result in a tie and 7 or 11 loses the round. The don't pass line bet is same as betting against the shooter

When you play, you automatically, take the role of the shooter on the video craps. Since you will be the only one that would be playing. You can use the options that are on the screen to interact with the game to start playing. To enjoy playing craps, you need to find an online casino that is reputable to play. This online casino must be licensed to operate a real money casino. This license must be from a body that is recognised by the government of that nation. Register today to start playing online craps and start betting to win